Balcombe Estate’s Woodlands

The Greenwood family have practiced sustainable forest management for over 60 years. The Estate’s mixed woodland
is an intimate mix of 50% broadleaves and 50% conifers. Much of the broadleaved woodland is managed (where
practical) on a continuous cover basis. This is a method of harvesting trees whilst retaining some of the mature canopy.
By felling small groups of trees we create gaps to allow saplings to regenerate naturally, should this not occur a helping
hand is given or bare root transplants are used to replace felled trees. This maintains woodland cover, improves the
woodland structure, and enhances  biodiversity by creating a range of different habitats within the woodland area.

We also practice traditional chestnut coppice management on a 15-20 year rotation.

The coniferous woodland is managed on the clear cutting system, whereby trees are planted in abundance and thinned
out over time removing the poorer trees and allowing the better trees to flourish. Without this thinning our woodlands would
never grow into the magnificent airy, wildlife habitat with beautiful mature specimens of trees you see in our local countryside
but would remain dark, spindly and inaccessible.

The Estate’s active thinning program  provides small diameter produce for the local  wood-fuel and fencing markets.
This all helps to maintain the varied and beautiful landscape under our stewardship in the High Weald Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty, as well as providing local employment.

In recent years the Estate woodlands and sawmill  have won a variety of awards from the Royal Forestry Society and The South Of England Agricultural Society.


For further information on forest management please contact:

Phone: 01444 811446 / 07887 868248
Fax: 01444 811446