Woodfuel is finally being recognised in the UK as not just an alternative fuel source but a good first choice for fuel.

The Balcombe Estate was among the first to supply heating grade woodfuel to the local area. We have a proven track record
of high quality supply to over 30 homes, visitor centres, a residential care home as well as a library and our prestigious office
units at Balcombe Place Stables.

Our  woodfuel (or woodchip) is manufactured from our sawmill residues and thinnings from the woodlands.  All the timber used
by our sawmill comes from local sustainable forests which means that trees will be replanted and managed carefully if woodland
is cleared. In this way the woodland resource is maintained.

Another major benefit is that fuels created from woodland products are carbon lean, as carbon emitted from burning woodfuel
is balanced out by the carbon trapped in the growing and newly planted woodlands.

The Estate’s heating grade woodchip  is manufactured to G30 grade and in general has an average moisture content of less
than 25%.

Compare the Costs!

Woodchip 2.9p/kwh
Heating oil 6.0 p/kwh
Natural gas 4.8p/kwh

Visit : www.biomassenergycentre.org.uk for more information on woodfuel.